Portland, Oregon Workshop

About the Workshop

The workshop included an up-to-date overview of Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) plus presentations on exemplary CSS projects, plans and programs from the surrounding region. The case studies were drawn from over 90 submissions from across the country, and were selected as examples of effective application of CSS principles to projects, plans, and programs.

Date: Monday, December 7, 2009
Time: 9:00am - 4:30pm PST
Location: Browsing Lounge, Smith Memorial Student Union, Portland State University, Portland, OR

Workshop Materials

Session A - Welcome, Introductions, Orientation, CSS Update, Case Study #1: SLOPES IV (some technical difficulties with audio at beginning) (WMV:70 minutes)

Session B - Case Study #2: Skyway Corridor Study and Case Study #3: I-405 Master Plan (WMV:87 minutes)

Session C - Case Study #4: High Point Avenue Redevelopment (WMV:38 minutes)

Session C - What's Next in Our Region? (WMV:69 minutes)

Session D - What's Next for Transportation Practitioners and Policy Makers? What's Next for the National Dialog? (WMV:58 minutes)