Steering Committee

The CSS National Dialog 2 was supported by a steering committee. The multi-disciplinary group represented federal, state, and local organizations and brouht diverse perspectives on transportation, land use planning, environmental conservation, and community issues.

Kirk Fauver, Statewide Planning Engineer, FHWA Texas Division, Austin, TX

Clark Wilson, Development, Community and Environment Division Smart Growth Office, US EPA Headquarters, Washington, DC

Jack VanDop, Senior Environmental Specialist, FHWA/Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division, Sterling, VA

Keith Robinson, Principal Landscape Architect, Caltrans Headquarters, Sacramento, CA

William Hutchinson, CSS Coordinator, Landscape Architect, New Mexico DOT, Santa Fe, NM

Brian Hare, PE, Chief, Planning and Contract Management Division, PennDOT, Harrisburg, PA

Martin E. Kidner, Statewide Planning Engineer, Wyoming DOT, Cheyenne, WY

Scott Bradley, Chief Landscape Architect, Minnesota DOT, St. Paul, MN

Joey Hopkins, PE, Deputy Division Engineer, Division 5, North Carolina DOT, Durham, NC

Andy Wiley-Schwartz, Assistant Commissioner, New York City DOT, New York, NY

Nick Stamatiadis, PhD, Professor, University of Kentucky, College of Engineering, Lexington, KY

John MacArthur, Sustainable Transportation Program Manager, Portland State University, Portland, OR

Margaret McFarland, Director of Graduate Programs in Real Estate Development, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Norm Steinman, Manager, Planning and Design, Charlotte DOT, Charlotte, NC

Eloisa Raynault, Program Manager, Transportation, Health and Equity, American Public Health Association, Washington, DC

Kevin Dow, PMP, Program Manager, Technical Services, American Public Transportation Association, Washington, DC